ActionBook by Novomatic to be Debuted at G2E

Since regulated sports betting was legalized by a US Supreme Court in 2018, there’s no denying that the industry is booming around the world. The court’s decision has re-established sports betting as a major global industry, and major corporations such as Novomatic Americas are reaping the advantages.

Earlier this month, Novomatic revealed that the ActionBook, a self-service betting kiosk, would be on display at the G2E exhibition in Las Vegas on October 15. This year’s G2E takes place from October 15th to the 17th, and it’s expected to be the most well-attended gaming convention ever.


Introducing the Finest Video Games

At the expo, Novomatic will unveil an entirely new suite of games and services, but the new self-service sports betting digital kiosk is what everyone in the industry is most excited about. The technological advancements in ActionBook are noteworthy. Among these are a universal scanner, door monitoring, ticket printing, full high-definition (HD) support, and a lot more.


The exhibit will feature the kiosk in a sports lounge area set up specifically for the exhibition. Customers may try out the new kiosk for themselves and see what 100% self-service sports betting is like.


G2E: A Feast Honoring Advancement

The next G2E convention will be celebrated by Novomatic Americas President Rick Meitzler as a culmination of the company’s recent successes in the casino games industry. The Novomatic booth will feature not only ActionBook, but also a wide range of innovative games and ideas.


Meitzler, who has overseen the rollout of ActionBook in a number of regions, expressed his delight at the chance to commemorate the platform’s early success at this year’s G2E.


Since this has been the most recent focus in the court of Novomatic Americas, a genuine progressive jackpot win experience will also be on full display. According to the CEO, the goal is to provide attendees with a “completely new, cutting-edge experience,” and in October, they will have that opportunity.

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